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Careers, Education, Information & Guidance

At LIPA Sixth Form College we are committed to offering the best careers advice and guidance available. Our dedicated Careers advisers are available in college every day to help you with your queries as are your lecturers/tutors. You can find our Careers Policy Statement in the policy section of our website.

Students begin developing their understanding of working in the performing arts industry from the outset of year 12 as part of studying their main subject specialism.

Focused Careers and Progressions guidance begins in the Summer Term of Year 12 and continues throughout Year 13 and beyond, for those taking a GAP year.

How can we help you?

  • Offer individual student guidance through drop-in or booked appointments
  • Deliver a careers education programme throughout the academic year
  • Organise in-house events, careers fairs, speakers, trips and open days
  • Promote career related opportunities via WAM and F2F in all areas
  • Provide help for students looking for work experience placements, part-time jobs and apprenticeships

Individual Student Guidance

The Careers Team provides drop-in sessions for individual advice throughout the week in the LRC. During these times appointments are not necessary but are advisable.

General Careers Information

Interested in University?

Interested in Apprenticeships?

Interested in Studying Abroad?

Interested in Taking a Gap Year?

Labour Market Information – where are the jobs of the future?

Careers and Progression Timetable, 2021/22


  Student tutorial Activity

    Information for parents


Progressions programme launch

  • CV writing
  • CV writing for the performing arts industry



Introduction to HE institutions: UCAS, CUCAS, conservatoires

  • Researching courses and institutions supported by specialist teachers with experience in industry
  • Open day visits to institutions



Registering with UCAS and introduction to personal statement writing

  • UCAS: students enter personal information
  • UCAS: students enter education information
  • UCAS: students enter work experience and voluntary work experience information
  • Students learn how write an effective personal statement.
  • Open day visits to institutions

Online Progression Google Classrooms set up with relevant information and resources.









June 2021: Careers & Progressions Virtual Fair

Tuesday 29th July 2021

Students will have access to a range of Virtual workshops ran by a range of HE providers.

Careers Calendar

A careers calendar will be sent via email to students and parents including information on virtual events and talks offered by a range of different organisations. The careers calendar will enable students to research their progression option and will include where to find information on:

  • HE institutions
  • Student Finance
  • Personal Statements
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment
  • Virtual Open Days

Progression Google Classrooms

Students can access now access their Progression Google Classroom. Information on UCAS, UCAS Conservatoires, Personal Statements, Student Finance, HE Open days and Events … and more will be posted throughout the rest of their time at LSFC.




Careers Calendar sent to Parents on weekly basis. Including information on UCAS & HE Progression.



Deadline 1: 30/06/21

Students produce a first draft of a personal statement to hand in to personal tutors. Students will receive feedback on this draft at beginning of September 2020.


Personal tutors to submit to programme managers list of students who have not submitted drafts.

Deadline 1: 30/06/21

First draft of personal statement due to hand in to personal tutors. Parents may offer support at this stage by checking and guiding students with personal statements.


June / July

Allocation of staff mentors (subject specialists e.g. dance, acting, music, but also foundation art, creative writing, musical theatre…in line with student plans).



Training for all personal tutors.

Reference writing: targeted at teaching staff and programme leaders

Personal tutors check students’ UCAS information and tick off on system accordingly:

  • personal information
  • education information







First draft of personal statement returned with feedback to students in week one.

Students work on completing UCAS / UCAS Conservatoire application.

Deadline for students: TBC

UCAS applicants

First deadline for second draft of personal statement and draft UCAS form.

Music Conservatoire applicants

Final internal deadline for application to be completed = TBC


Second draft of personal statement due to hand in to personal tutors. Parents may offer support at this stage by checking and guiding students with personal statements.


Parent event

Year 13 Parents evening focus on UCAS / CUKAS / FE /Apprenticeships - to be announced




Deadline for personal tutors: 1/10/21

Personal tutors to return feedback on students’ second draft of personal statement (if draft was submitted by deadline)




Deadline TBC

External deadline for students applying for music starting in Sept 2022 at conservatoires



October / November / December


Audition and Interview coaching



Mid October


Predicted grades are communicated to personal tutors and added to UCAS / UCAS Conservatoire application.



Deadline for English and maths lecturers: 10/21

English and maths lecturers to submit reference information to personal tutors for students who have studied / are studying these subjects.





Deadline for personal tutors: 1/11/21

Personal tutors to submit references for their tutees to programme managers.





Deadline for programme managers: 12/11/21

Programme managers to check references AND to check that the reference is in keeping with the rest of the form.




Final deadline 3/12/21

Internal deadline for sending all UCAS forms







Deadline: 26/01/22

External deadline for UCAS.



December / January

Deadline: Jan 2022

Art Foundation applications completed and sent.

Portfolios prepared and uploaded, where relevant.



February to end of summer term

Tutorial focus

Guidance on HE/FE/Apprenticeship decisions.

Information on GAP years, student finance and student life.

Support with process of UCAS Extra and Clearing.