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Careers & Progression

I have an audition at a university, will this be going ahead?

Universities will contact you directly regarding audition arrangements. They will have a team of people on hand to answer any concerns you may have so don’t hesitate to email them directly if you haven’t heard anything from them yet.

I have been given a Conditional Offer, do I still have to meet these conditions of my offer?

You still have until 31st August to meet the conditions of your offer. There is no official delay for publications of results as of yet.

One of my choices has changed my conditional offer to an unconditional offer, what does this mean?

Within the current circumstances, some universities have changed their conditional offers to unconditional. This means that if you make them your firm choice, you will be attending that university in September. You may have received an email from UCAS stating that, due to government advise, universities should not be making unconditional offers within the next 2 weeks. Please consider that even with an unconditional offer, you will still need to pass the course and should be fully engaging with your remote learning as expected and completing any tasks given by your tutor. Also consider your university choices carefully, an unconditional offer does not have to be you firm or insurance choice. Choose the institution that is right for you.

Can I still make my Firm and Insurance Choice?

Yes, if you have a response from all your choices you will now be able to choose a firm and insurance choice. Given the current circumstances, UCAS have extended the first initial deadline to make your decision by two weeks. The deadlines are as follows:

· If you receive your last decision on or before 31st March 2020….. your reply date is now 19th May 2020

· If you receive your last decision on or before 6th May … your reply date is 4th June 2020.

· If you receive your last decision on or before 4th June 2020…. Your reply date is 18th June 2020 (except if you’re using Extra to find a place)

· If you receive your last decision on or before 13th July 2020… your reply date is 20th July 2020 (Including Extra Choices)

I haven’t received an offer from any of my choices, can I still apply through UCAS Extra?

Yes, you can now add an additional choice through UCAS extra if you haven’t received an offer from any of your choices or if you have declined your offers. UCAS Extra will be open until 5th July.

I only applied for 4 choices, can I add in a 5th choice?

Yes, if you haven’t used all your 5 choices when you first applied, you can log into track and add some additional choices providing this only totals 5 choices over all. You ca do this before the 30th June 2020.

The following answers are in accordance with the current updates from UCAS. As soon as UCAS announce anything further we will try our best to update this information as quickly as possible. They do have a COVID-19 webpage for applicants where you can visit for the latest updates.

If you have any concerns about UCAS or want advice on careers, please contact Ruth Crane directly on