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Music Performance & Production

Students will need to have:

  • Folder with dividers for organising work into units.
  • Lined Paper - Pens and pencils

Music Specific :

  • Instruments – The exceptions to this are piano/keyboards, drum kit, and microphones, as college will provide these.
  • Instrument Accessories – guitar leads, plectrums, spare strings, guitar straps, drumsticks, reeds, rosin, etc.
  • USB or External Hard Drive - The macs used in the music department do not have the facility to save your work. Manuscript Paper
  • Headphones

For events:

  • LSFC hoodie - LSFC T-shirt


It is not compulsory, but in light of the current global situation we are recommending that anyone who is a vocalist provides their own microphone.  This includes musicians who play another instrument but intend to sing as well.  

The microphone must be compatible with an XLR connection (this should be as a separate lead and not attached to the microphone) in order to work with the P.A system provided in each practice room/for live performances. 

We recommend some of the following microphones (this is not an exclusive list and you may already have a mic, or opt to buy another brand etc.)

  • Shure PG48  (approx £40) 
  • AKG D5  (approx £70)
  • SE Electronics V7 (approx £70)  [a popular choice of mic that is used by Billie Eilish, Paramore and Black Sabbath]
  • Audix Om2  (approx £80) [particularly recommended for a female voice]
  • Shure SM58 (approx £90) 
  • Sennheiser E945 (approx £150) [this is the mic we most commonly use in performance lessons at LSFC]