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New Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the LIPA Sixth form college admissions policy?

This can be found in the “About Us” section of the LIPA Sixth Form College Website in our policies and procedures section:


  • Is LIPA Sixth Form College governed by the schools admission code?

16 to 19 Academies are educational institutions rather than schools. Because of this they are not required to comply with the School Admissions Code


  • What is the timeline for 2021 admissions?

1 March 2020

September 2021 entry Admissions Policy and Process published on

1 September 2020

Application form for September 2021 entry available at

1 September 2020

Applications period for September 2021 entry open until 31 January 2021

31 January 2021

Applications period for September 2021 entry closes

1 February 2021

Assessments period begins

30 March 2021

Assessments period ends

by beginning of April 2021

Outcome letters to arrive with applicants

19 August 2021

GCSE results day

19-20 August 2021

Enrolment of successful applicants

1 September 2021

Term begins at LIPA Sixth Form College


  • How do I confirm my conditional offer?

Please reply to with your acceptance or rejection of your conditional place.


  • How do I confirm my place on the reserve list?

Please reply to if you wish to accept your place on the reserve list within 14 days of being informed of the outcome of your selection decision. Alternatively, you can also return the completed reserve list slip which is attached to your decision letter.


  • Can LSFC inform me where I am on the reserve list?

We are unable to inform applicants of their status on the reserve list due to data protection (GDPR).


  • How long does the reserve list stay open?

The Reserve List will operate until 30th September 2021. Please note that the reserve list is for applicants who have applied to us before the deadline and auditioned with us already. It is not open for late applicants who have not auditioned. 

We will contact you if you have gained a place from the reserve List - if you do not hear from us it means unfortunately you have not been successful in obtaining a place from the Reserve List.


  • How do I request a second chance audition/Interview?

After confirming your place on the reserve list, Please email should you require a second chance audition/interview. Please note that accepting your reserve list place and requesting a second chance interview is a completely separate procedure and you will need to be clear which one or if it is both you require.


  • I have requested a 2nd chance audition, when and how will this take place?

The timescale for second chance auditions and interviews can only be determined after the college has an agreed re-opening date following the current COVID-19 Pandemic. In order to move forward with second chance auditions we are actively looking at ways to do these before 1st September 2021. We will be in touch as and when we have further information in regards to second chance auditions.


  • How do I appeal?

If after the second chance audition and interview, an applicant is not offered a place, an appeal may be made. The appeal letter must be made in writing to within fourteen days of the decision being communicated to the applicant from the second chance audition/interview. The appeal letter must clearly state the grounds for appeal.


  • When would an appeal take place?

The timescale for Appeals can only be determined after the college has an agreed re-opening date following the current Covid-19 Pandemic.


  • When will I /they get their time table for September so I/they can prepare?

Each student will be given their timetable in induction week commencing 1st September 2021. If these are finalised before this we will endeavour to email them out to students ASAP.


  • What equipment and uniform do I need to buy?

Please see each course’s page in the ‘new students’ section of the website for more information on each individual course equipment and uniform requirements.


  • How do I order LSFC hoodies and T-shirts?

It’s really important to look professional when heading out into the public in order to build LIPA Sixth Form’s reputation. Therefore, each student needs a LIPA Sixth Form hoodie and t-shirt. Below is the link to our suppliers where these can be ordered:


  • Will LIPA Sixth Form College be able to resume normal classes in September or will the majority be done remotely? If so how will a Performing Arts College do this whilst adhering to social distance requirements.

At the moment we are working exceptionally hard to ensure that as of September 2021 our students will be able to have as much face to face teaching at college as possible, working within government guidelines. Given that we expect some restrictions to still be in place in September we will be guided by government advice and currently it is our intention to offer a ‘Blended Learning’ approach to curriculum delivery if students are not allowed to be in college full time.  This would mean for example, a student would have some face to face contact on the college campus and some other sessions would be delivered virtually/remotely. We intend to return to full time face to face teaching as soon as we are able to.


  • Who do I contact for further help?

Please contact Julie Humphreys at