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Q. I am normally supported in College by a member of the Learning Support Team. Can I contact them for support whilst College is closed?

A. Yes. Amy Deane (SENDCo and Inclusion Manager) and Learning Support Assistants Julie, Raquel and Leianna will be working remotely on their usual working days/hours. Contact them on WAM if you have been in contact before using this method or use the inclusion mailbox:-


Q. What is the best way for me to contact learning support staff?

A. If you have a general query, please email

All members of the team will receive this email and we can then decide who is the most appropriate person to respond to your query. This may depend on the subject of the query or on staff’s working pattern.


Q. I receive regular support from a particular member of staff. Can I contact them directly?

A. If you already currently receive regular support from a particular member of staff, either within class or on an individual basis, and prefer to contact them directly, you can do so on WAM.


Q. What kind of support can I receive?

A. We will endeavour to provide the same support and advice as we would provide in college. You can share draft pieces of work and assignments with staff, ask for help with literacy concerns, organisation of your work, staff to proofread work to offer advice and suggestions for improvements, etc. We will not be able to offer any face-to-face (e.g. FaceTime) support or ‘live’ support but will endeavour to answer queries as quickly as possible.