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We enjoy sharing news about what our students ​get involv​ed in - from college-led performances and collaborative projects to conversations with famous names, you'll find all our news here. 

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  • 17/03/21

    Con O'Neill masterclass

    LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) students have been getting audition advice from Olivier award-winning, Hollywood actor Con O’Neill.
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  • 27/01/21

    Horizons 2021

    Musical Theatre students have taken part in a unique online project called Echo Eternal.
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  • 19/01/21

    Virtual tour

    Did you know you can go on a virtual tour of our college building?
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  • 19/01/21

    LIPA Primary School consultation

    LIPA Primary School is undertaking a public consultation about extending the school up to Year 11.
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  • 21/12/20

    Open Day for January 2021

    We will be holding our final Open Day for 2021 entry this month.
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  • 17/12/20

    A conversation with...

    CEO of LIPA and founder of the LIPA Group (and before that, the BRIT School), Mark would normally have an opportunity to speak to our students directly. Audience restrictions imposed by Covid-19 regulations mean that hasn't been possible this year, so our director Charles has instead intervie...
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  • 30/09/20

    Applications now open

    We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for September 2021 entry.
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  • 08/09/20

    LIPA Primary School wants to extend age range

    The LIPA Primary School is proposing to extend the age range of children it teaches, and we want to hear what people think of our plans during our public consultation period from 2nd September to 1st October.
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  • 18/08/20

    Exam success for resilient students

    Second-year students at LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) are being praised for their resilience after 100% of them passed their UAL Extended Diplomas despite the challenges of learning during lockdown.
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  • 30/06/20

    Open Days for 2021

    We are delighted to announce our 2021 entry Open Days
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  • 19/06/20

    Leavers' Celebration 2020

    We held our annual Leavers' Celebration on Tuesday 23 June 2020. Staff, governors and students came together to celebrate the achievements and successes of our outgoing second year students across the disciplines of acting, dance, music performance and production and technical theatre an...
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  • 18/03/20

    Covid-19 update

    LIPA Sixth Form College is now closed but we continue to work remotely..
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