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Alumni spotlight: Music

Having studied Music at LIPA Sixth Form College, Becky de Groot is now studying Keyboards on the BMus Popular Music course at the Royal Northern College of Music.

She says: “My course is split up into different specific studies over four years, such as ensemble and songwriting, theory and chart writing, and management within the music industry. I also get one-to-one time each week for principal study teaching of my instrument, which is great.

“Right now, my weeks consist of all the above subjects, along with rhythmic and harmonic analysis, including studying percussion and pitch/harmony.

“At the moment, the thing I’m enjoying the most about the course is ensemble, and getting to know other musicians, including the older years.

“LIPA Sixth Form College really helped my confidence, and allowed me to perform in a band, and occasionally individually, by putting on the annual gigs and the musicals I contributed to. The college taught me a lot about the music industry that I didn’t have any knowledge of beforehand, and this has already helped me within my studies here in Manchester, with only being several weeks in.

“The advice I would give to someone following in my footsteps is to enjoy every minute of whatever you’re doing, and to throw yourself into any opportunity you can, even if the thought of it scares you! Have an open mind, and try things that you usually wouldn’t, such as trying different genres or styles.”