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Alex stars in 'Casualty'

LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) Acting student Alex Starke has already achieved one of his life goals by appearing on Casualty, a show he describes as “the gold standard, something to aim towards.”

Second year Alex has previously appeared regularly in the Disney sitcom The Evermoor Chronicles but was keen to diversify. He believes his time at LSFC has helped him achieve this. “With being so used to comedy, I want to expand me repertoire into drama and avoid typecasting, so this role was a great step in that direction.

“My training at LSFC helped me feel more comfortable in this new role.”

Despite his experience on The Evermoor Chronicles, Alex admits to being nervous ahead of filming in Cardiff. “It was slightly surreal to walk onto the set, which was smaller than I expected. And as I went for my costume fitting, I saw several well-known characters from the show.”

In Casualty, Alex plays the role of a teenager being treated for a head injury who also has to cope with an overbearing mother. The episode was screened on 12 January 2019.

You can see Alex’s appearance in Casualty on BBC iPlayer (series 33 episode 19)