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Alumni spotlight: Technical Theatre & Design


Charlotte Murphy studied Technical Theatre & Design at LIPA Sixth Form College and is now in her first year of studying BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance Design at LIPA.

Charlotte’s first year at LIPA has seen her learning new skills and improving existing ones, so she has a rounded knowledge of what it takes to design a performance. She says the training is very hands-on. “We get to work on exhibitions showcasing our new skills and we also take an active part in LIPA’s public performances, working in assistant roles to second- and third-year Design students.”

Charlotte is enjoying the challenges of studying at LIPA and believes her time at LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) helped her make the step up. “My studies helped prepare me for my course and gave me a good background knowledge and good experience from working on shows. This has helped me be more confident when assisting on shows at LIPA.”

For anyone thinking of studying Technical Theatre & Design at LSFC, Charlotte has this advice: “Get involved in course-related activities as soon as possible and be nice to everyone you meet, as you never know when you might be working with them.”