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We enjoy sharing news about what our students ​get involv​ed in - from college-led performances and collaborative projects to masterclasses with famous names, you'll find all our news here. 

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  • Technical Theatre & Design still recruiting

    Published 14/05/21

    If you’re passionate about the performing arts and have skills in art, design or technology, our Design for Performance and Technical Theatre courses are still accepting applications for September.

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  • Harrison's in Demand

    Published 27/04/21

    Second-year Musical Theatre student Harrison Lanham has been offered a place at all of the top drama schools he applied to.

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  • Judi Dench masterclass

    Published 20/04/21

    Judi Dench has told students at LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) that the best theatrical performances often come from a balance of technique and instinct.

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  • Con O'Neill masterclass

    Published 17/03/21

    LIPA Sixth Form College (LSFC) students have been getting audition advice from Olivier award-winning, Hollywood actor Con O’Neill.

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  • Horizons 2021

    Published 27/01/21

    Musical Theatre students have taken part in a unique online project called Echo Eternal.

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  • Virtual tour

    Published 19/01/21

    Did you know you can go on a virtual tour of our college building?

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