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16-19 Tuition Fund statement

16-19 Tuition Fund 2023-24 academic year  

The 16-19 Tuition Fund will be targeted very specifically at our students who are have not previously achieved a grade 4 in mathematics.  

In 2023/24, LIPA Sixth Form College is working in partnership with Get Further, who are providing 1:1 and small group maths tuition sessions in addition to the timetabled sessions provided by our maths team. All tuition is provided on a 1:1 or very small group basis (2-3 people per group). 

In 2023/24, it is likely that all the 16-19 Tuition funding will be spent on out-of-class maths tuition by Get Further. Should there be any remaining funding left in the 16-19 Tuition Fund after the maths tuition has been provided, this will be utilised on additional study skills tuition provided by our internal learning support or teaching staff.