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Completing your application form



Guidance notes

The application form is your chance to shine and tell us why we should offer you a place, so it’s crucial that you put in as much (relevant) information as possible.

A copy of the guidance notes to accompany the application form can be found below - these should help you complete the form and tell us everything we need to know at this point in the application process.

However, it may be useful to keep the following in mind when completing your application form:

  • Don’t rush your application form - take your time in reading through the form (possibly more than once) to make sure that you understand what you're being asked to.  You have plenty of time to think about what to write on your form - there are no bonus points for sending it in early.

  • Think about what to put in the application form – talk to friends, parents and teachers, and think about why you want to study with us: what can you give us and what can we give you?
  • What makes you different? – we want to know about your dreams, hopes and ambitions, certainly, but bear in mind that probably everyone applying has always wanted to act/dance/sing/ create, so putting this in won’t necessarily make your application stand out. What will interest us more is knowing about what has influenced and inspired you to want to perform or create - and why.
  • Be organised – make a note of relevant dates to make sure you are well prepared to meet any deadlines in the application process – whether that is sending in your completed application form, turning up for your interview and/or audition, or completing any paperwork needed.
When you're ready to complete an application form, please click onto the link below, which is available September-January: